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porezni savjetnik spli, snježana galić

Tax advisor, court expert in accounting and finance

Snježana Galić

In 1982, she earned a degree in economics at the Faculty of Economics in Split, majoring in microeconomics. In the period from 1985 to 1992, she worked as a chief financial officer (CFO) in the famous former Croatian factory ‘Jugoplastika’ in Split. In such a managerial position she obtained extensive experience working on the organization and supervision of the financial department, as well as participating in preparing financial reports, business analysis and plans.

Based on her work experience, acquired skills and knowledge, in 1992 she incorporated her private company Tarma Ltd in Split, currently re-established as Galić Tax Consulting Ltd for tax advising in Split, which provides accounting and financial services, and which still operates very successfully, establishing long-term cooperation with a number of clients. During that period, she participated in preparing investment projects, i.e. investment studies required to get loans from business banks, which entails knowledge and analysis of financial transactions and the market.

She has been working as a tax advisor since 1 January 2005, after having passed the exam for licensed tax advisors with the Ministry of Finance. Having met all the general and special terms and conditions to provide tax advising services, she has been working independently on the grounds of work licence issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia, Class: UP/I-131-01/04-01/12 Ref. No: 513-07-21-07/04-5 as of 17 December 2004.

On 1 March 2017, she transferred all her licences to the company Galić Tax Consulting Ltd for tax advising, pursuant to the new Tax Advising Act as of 1 January 2017, which combines the activities specified in Art. 2 (3) of the Act, with the accounting services previously developed in the company Tarma Ltd, and currently provided in the company Galić Tax Consulting Ltd for tax advising.

Based on the knowledge and experience in accounting and finance, as well as having met special terms and conditions, she was appointed court expert in accounting and finance by the Commercial Court and the County Court in Split in 2007. Every four years she renews her licence for court experts. She became a member of the Croatia Association of Business Appraisers in 2011, on the grounds of passing the exam and obtaining the diploma for an authorized business enterprise value appraiser, whereby she was entered in the Register of authorized appraisers.

Since 1 March 2017, all the licences obtained by Snježana Galić have been transferred to Galić Tax Consulting Ltd for tax advising, and Snježana Galić continued providing tax advising, court expert and business appraising services.

Snježana Galić has participated as a guest lecturer in a number of lectures and seminars in the field of accounting, finance and taxes, and as the partner of the Faculty of Economics in Split, she has participated in providing practical training and internship to their students.

Tax advisor

Snježana Galić

Snježana Galić