Buisness cooperation

Occasional business cooperation

Occasional business cooperation

  • Tax consulting on client’s request
  • Advice on possible legal tax savings and optimizing tax burdens
Permanent business cooperation

Permanent business cooperation

  • Arranged by signing a written agreement

  • Represents continuous monitoring of taxpayer in order to properly apply valid tax regulations, with a possibility of co-signing tax returns, for which licensed tax advisors are authorized

Placing emphasis on confidentiality!

Placing emphasis on confidentiality!

Tax advisor is obliged to keep confidential everything that clients entrust them with or that they otherwise learn through their work. Other persons currently or previously working with the tax advisor are obliged to keep business secrets as well. The law also stipulates obligatory insurance of the practice against potential damage the clients might suffer.


Tax advising
  • Consulting on all tax matters

  • Preventive analysis of the regularity of the former methods of calculating tax

  • Continuous monitoring of accounting records as well as preparing tax returns so as to avoid omissions that may lead to sanctions and unforeseen costs

  • Assistance in the preparation of tax returns

  • Independent or co-signing of tax returns

  • Preparing tax returns (corporate income tax, personal income tax, VAT, real estate transfer tax, special taxes, county and municipal taxes)

  • Consulting during the tax proceedings

  • Representation in tax proceedings before tax authorities and in tax disputes before courts

  • Court expert reports on the decisions by tax authorities

  • Preparing complaints, appeals or lawsuits against the minutes and the decision of the Tax Administration

  • Tax planning within business planning using tax benefits in accordance with the applicable regulations

Tax advising is a service which, pursuant to the legal, economic, tax and accounting system of the Republic of Croatia, in a reliable way ensures taxpayers proper application of tax regulations through consulting on tax matters, representation in tax proceedings before tax authorities, preparing tax returns, making expert analysis of the decisions by tax authorities and other services within the scope of the Tax Advising Act.

Financial business information is a very important prerequisite in the decision-making process, based on which companies are able to better predict and optimize available resources, as well as increase efficiency. Through tax advising services, i.e. through analysing all the existing tax regulations and finding the optimal tax combination according to the client’s specific requirements, every taxpayer is able to optimize the amount of their tax liabilities and ensure proper application of tax regulations in the long term.

Our business is based on cooperation with our clients and monitoring their business operations, analysing laws and their application, as well as the experience gained, thus enabling organized tax and risk management. We provide unlimited representation of clients in the increasingly frequent tax procedures before tax authorities, which influences the outcome of the tax audit.

Court expert reports in finance, accounting, taxes and enterprise value appraisal

Galić Tax Consulting Ltd is registered with the County Court in Split and authorized to prepare court expert reports in finance, accounting, taxes, as well as for business enterprise value assessment, and Snježana Galić has been working as a court expert since 2007.

Court expert findings and analysis are considered evidence in the court proceedings. From the principle of iura novit curia arises that a court expert does not provide the court with answers to legal questions, but their task is to help the court in forming opinions by using their expertise, to determine facts and make conclusions based on those facts. The degree of significance of a court expert report as evidence in court proceedings is assessed depending on the ability of the court or any of the parties in the proceedings to subject the court expert report to analysis or criticism, and, on the other hand, the ability of court expert to elaborate and support with arguments their attitudes in the expert findings and opinions to all the parties in the proceedings. A court expert is bound by the warrant and the instructions from the court, but at the same time free to elaborate conclusions in a professional manner and in accordance with the rules of the profession.

Except for the purposes of the courts, Galić Tax Consulting Ltd is a company authorized to provide court expert reports in its area of expertise on the request of other parties, such as private companies or individuals, adhering to the code of ethics, professional rules in the area of expertise and with the highest level of professionalism in presenting the findings and opinions in the subject matter. In that case, the client gives the order and instructions, specifies inquiries and determines goals of the court expert report.

Business enterprise value appraisal

A number of entities is interested in business enterprise value; primarily, the shareholders, both the current as well as the future ones. They expect security and increase in the value of their investments, as well as income through regular payment of the owner’s fees. Furthermore, potential investors, creditors, lenders and other business partners, as well as managers in charge of business operations and growth and the employees, are also interested in business enterprise value. Finally, the state, which collects social welfare expenditures and measures its wealth in the value of businesses that are part of its economy, is also interested in business enterprise value.

How much is a company worth? There is no unique formula to calculate this. The starting point is certainly the purpose for which the appraisal is made, and it is always based on taking into consideration the combined static and dynamic value of a business entity. The most common method to determine business enterprise value is the discounted cash flow method (the DCF method). The concept of the economic value of assets is based on the assessment of risk and future cash flows, and is always based on a combination of various methods applicable in specific conditions. Evaluation and assessment of business enterprise value requires a high level of expertise and in most cases a multi-disciplinary approach of a number of experts, their teamwork, the ability of economic analysis and projections of future operations with the principle of cautious planning.

Galić Tax Consulting Ltd is authorized to provide business enterprise value appraisal, which is done by Snježana Galić, on the grounds of a special licence for authorized appraisers obtained in 2011.

Business consulting
  • Business analysis - especially when opening the investment cycle

  • Due diligence – in-depth analysis of a business entity

  • Assistance and consulting on registration of a business entity before competent authorities

  • Analysis and assistance with establishing the best organizational structure of a business entity

Financial consulting
  • Drawing up studies on justifiability of investments
  • Drawing up or assistance with drawing up company’s annual business plans
  • Drawing up reports and analysis on the operations of a business entity
  • Drawing up studies on transfer pricing