Maja Radojković

Maja Radoković

Although she is a Croatian and English teacher by profession, she has been engaged in translating since her studies. After graduating from the Faculty of Philosophy in Split, she was employed as a translator in the company Tarma d.o.o. which was later transformed into Galić Tax Consulting d.o.o., where she translates and interprets communication with foreign clients, financial reports, balance sheets, tax analysis, contracts and other documents in the field of finance and taxes.

In 2010, she was appointed a certified court interpreter for English, and in addition to her permanent employment, she has been working as a freelance translator and teaching English language courses for adults as well as Croatian language courses for foreigners. She translates various types of written texts, such as contracts, legal acts, personal and other official documents, as well as interprets meetings, weddings, court hearings and other situations in which a client needs help in communicating with various institutions.

In the company Galić Tax Consulting d.o.o. clients who cannot speak Croatian receive comprehensive professional help related to finances and taxes in English, and at the same time can be sure that communication with them will be professional, as well as that there will be no problems in communication due to a lack of understanding of the foreign language. The translator is liable to comply with all the rules on keeping business secrets in the same way as the tax advisor.