Strategic managment

...is the highest level of company management.

Decisions are made based on the collected information which determines long-term operations and business success. Financial business information is a very important prerequisite in the decision-making process, based on which companies are able to better predict and optimize available resources, as well as increase efficiency.

Through tax advising services, i.e. through analysing all the existing tax regulations and finding the optimal tax combination according to the client’s specific requirements, every taxpayer is able to optimize the amount of their tax liabilities and ensure proper application of tax regulations in the long term.


...is based on cooperation with our clients and monitoring

Our business is based on cooperation with our clients and monitoring their business operations, analysing laws and their application, as well as the experience gained, thus enabling organized tax and risk management.

Pursuant to the legal authority, Snježana Galić provides unlimited representation of clients in the increasingly frequent tax procedures before tax authorities, which influences the outcome of the tax audit. Apart from the tax advising services, we also provide financial consulting services and in that way give our clients quality information, which is essential for achieving goals.